John Arthur Pepperdine

John Arthur Pepperdine was born 18 April 1853 in ,Montgomery, Illinois to Robert Pepperdine and Elizabeth Chism.

In 1914 John and Mary were living at 1517 Dirr Avenue in Parsons. By 1916 to 1918 they were living at 709 N. Central Avenue with their youngest son Ben Pepperdine and his wife Dora living close by (in 1916) at 711 Central Avenue. Ben at this time was a manager for Western Auto Supply. (In 1914 Ben and Dora lived at 411 N 25th and/or 409 N 26th) By 1918 Ben and Dora are gone. By 1920 John and Mary had moved to 3137 Washington Street.

John was a retired farmer. Fred Pepperdine was the informant for John’s death certificate. He died aged 70 years, 8 months, and 2 days at 10pm 20 December 1923 after five days of Ura…ia with 10 years of Chronic intes..titial nephi…tis as a secondary contributory. At the time of his death, his residence was 3127 Washington St., 4th Ward, Parsons, Labette, Kansas. He was buried at Oakwood Cemetery December 23, 1923. [Death certificate of John Pepperdine: Kansas register #308]


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