Flossie Hamilton

Flossie T/G. Hamilton was the only child born to Matilda A. Jones and Francis L. Hamilton. Flossie was born 29 September 1886 in Kansas, Matilda was born in Illinois(Flossie’s birth record)/Iowa(census) with both of her parents born in Kentucky, and Francis was born in Indiana and both of his parents were born in Indiana. Matilda and Francis were married in 1880 and lived 7 years before their first and only child was born. Francis was a carpenter. Before their marriage, Flossie was a bookeeper in a General Store, likely the one owned by her neighbor and Fred Pepperdine’s uncle, Charles A. Lain.

Flossie died 28 December 1983 aged 97 in Chula Vista Community Hospital. Her usual residence was 843 Floyd, Chula Vista, San Diego, California. She was self employed in the occupation of ranching which she had done for 29 years. She died of cardiac arrest which lasted a minute after acute cardio pulm. Decomp. which lasted hours, following years of art. sclerotic heart disease. Other conditions were diabetes mellitus and probably a stress ulcer. [1900 census Labette, Kansas #1240485]/1910 census Labette, Kansas #1374456; Death certificate of Flossie G. Pepperdine California state file #014272]

In 1920, Fred is enumerated as head of the household, still on a rented farm, with wife Flossie and their two children, Myrtle (age 5)/


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