Flora T. Lain

Flora T. Lain and Louis Stegmeir, both of Mound Valley, Labette, Kansas were married in Canada Township, Labette, Kansas on February 27, 1887 at the residence of J.W. Mason, the Justice of the Peace that married them. Louis Stegmeir was the son of John Stegmeir and Elizabeth Leuts of Wertumberg, Germany and Hessedarntd (Hesse-Darmstadt), Germany respectively. John and Elizabeth lived in Illinois where five of their children were born before moving to Labette, Kansas. Their youngest son, Fritz (Fred), was born in Kansas. Louis Stegmeir was born December 1861 in Illinois and became a farmer. [1880 Soundex, Kansas #447037]

Flora and Louis had two daughters Sarah (Sadie) born February 1889, and Pearl born June 1896, both in Kansas. They were born seven years apart, and were the only two children born to this couple. [1900 census, Kansas #1240485]


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