Dora May Pilkington Pepperdine

May 27, 1895 - December 6, 1987

Dora May Pilkington was born near Parsons, Kansas on May 27, 1895. As a girl in rural Kansas, educational opportunities were very limited at that time. Dora's formal education ended with the fourth grade, but all her life, she had a keen interest and appreciation of education, filling her home with good books, music, and often taking courses, particularly in dressmaking and design, as well as developing high skill in crafts such as crocheting and embroidery. In the dark days of the great depression she really sacrificed that her daughters might have the advantages of higher education.

In 1912, on December 24, Dora May Pilkington and Ben Pepperdine were united in marriage at Independence, Kansas. In time, four children were born - Mary Iota, and Dorothea May, and Ben, Jr., and George. During these years, Mr. Pepperdine manufactured hand tools in his Chicago factory, supplying tools for the Western Auto Stores, founded by his brother George.

Mrs. Pepperdine was baptized in 1922, on a windy day in the cold waters of Lake Michigan, and was an active member of the Church of Christ in Chicago, and later in Alhambra, California, where she lived until her final illness. For years she worked diligently at teaching Bible classes for children. She always enjoyed organizing church suppers, picnics, and the like, to further Christian fellowship. In later years Mrs. Pepperdine, on her own initiative, formed a large circle of elderly ladies, and arranged parties for them, transporting them to her home for these occasions, as long as she was able. The pleasure she was able to bring to this group was heart-warming. She loved to drive, and was the first woman driver on the streets of Parsons.

Surviving is one daughter, Mrs. Robert Bremer, of Yosemite Lakes Park, Calif., and two sons, Mr. Ben Pepperdine, Jr. of Palm Springs, Calif., and Mr. George Pepperdine, in Saudi Arabia. One daughter, Mrs. Robert Pipkin, of West Chicago, Ill., died in 1964. Ben Pepperdine, her beloved husband of 43 years, died in 1955.

Also surviving are twelve grandchildren and fourteen great grandchildren.

The Passing of Dora Pepperdine leaves a void in the lives of friends and loved ones, but we cannot wish her back. Our Lord has called her home to hear those beautiful words: "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

Funeral, Dec. 11, 1987
Little Church of the Flowers
Forest Lawn, Glendale, Calif.